7 Steps to an Online Degree


So you’ve decided you’re ready to further your education. Nice work! Pursuing a degree can supplement your professional experience, generate a network of professional contacts, and advance your professional knowledge.

Are you thinking about how great it would be if you could work around your busy schedule and learn from the comfort of your living room? It can be done with an online degree program!

Here are some first steps to begin your online education:

1. Decide Which Degree You Want
Online degrees come in all shapes and sizes, from associate’s degree to bachelor’s degree to MBA. The first step is deciding which degree program is appropriate for you and selecting the subject or field that excites you.

2. Find Out Which Schools Offer the Degree You Want
Now that you know which degree you want to pursue, find out which schools offer that degree program. Look online, ask friends and family, and put the word out to your social networks so people know you’re looking. You never know where great recommendations will come from!

3. Read, Read, Read
Going to school, whether it’s online or in person, is a big investment of your time and money, so read up on the program of your choice to make sure it’s what you want to do. Find out if there are pre-requisites for the courses you’ll need to complete and get started on those pre-reqs if you haven’t already.

4. Research Classroom Styles
Does the degree program you’re interested in allow you to work around your schedule or is there a need for real-time interaction? Knowing the answer to this classroom question will help you build your schedule and may determine if one program is a better fit for you than another.

5. Reach Out to Schools
After researching your top choices, contact your schools so you can start receiving more information about their school, the program you want to attend and any admission requirements. With our easy school finder, you can start your school search now and request free information all in one step! Start by filling out the form to your right.

6. Speak with a School Representative
A school representative may contact you to walk you through the process of enrolling for your degree program. If not, you should call them! Be prepared by compiling a list of any lingering questions you may have and ask the representative so you can be sure the program is a good fit for you.

7. Check Your Online Connection
Sharpen your pencils and dust off your mouse because you’re on your way to a semester in an online classroom!

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